"Ein Tag ohne Fußball ist ein verlorener Tag."

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unendliches-verlangen-nach-dir fragte: gladbach, liverpool, schalke und mancity? :-)

gladbach - Kramer
liverpool - emre can
schalke - Höwedes
mancity - lampard (solange er da ist)

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Has Reus seen much of Jack Wilshere? The young German nods vigorously and his eyes open wide. “A perfect player,” he says. Reus leans forward, across the table, and switches to conspiratorial English. “Boy, he’s fucking good,” he says of Wilshere. “He’s so quick and skillful with the ball at his feet.”

Jack Wilshere has heaped praise on Marco Reus ahead of the Gunners’s trip to Dortmund. “The main one missing for them is Reus, he’s fantastic. I’ve watched him over the last few years and he’s got better and better. Now he’s one of the best players, if not the best player, in Germany so they’ll miss him.”

Reus on Wilshere x and Wilshere on Reus x

do my eyes deceive me or is this bromance from afar

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